Rubber Scrap Buyer in India

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Rubber Scrap Recycling Company in Gujarat, India

Every year, more than 300 elastic tyres are discarded. One of the many applications for elastic is in tyres. Many of which ultimately end up in landfills. At Reusing Center Point, we have a zero-waste-to-landfill approach, which means we avoid disposing of garbage, including elastic waste, in landfills whenever possible.

Rubber Pipe/ Latex Rubber Scrap Buyer in India

We collect and repurpose only waste that is made of Eva Rubber, PVB Rubber,and Latex Rubber Scrap Buyer . We make use of a variety of tools to ensure that your elastic waste is handled consistently and in accordance with the most recent natural principles. We follow the entire cycle inside the enclosed environment as GPCB-approved recyclers and thwart the entry of dangerous gasses.

We buy contaminated rubber pipe / hose pipe, Paper Scrap generate from etp plant of various industries.Also We buy rubber hand gloves from various industries and recycle in our plant.

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