Pet Bottle Scrap Buyers in India(Small Bottles)

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Contaminated Small Bottle(Pet Bottle Buyers)

Cloth pickers or small waste authorities collect the used and discarded jugs from households, workplaces, and businesses or obtain them from an open landfill before delivering them to a businessperson. The company owner sorts them and offers to sell them to a distributor, who then bundles the containers for resale. The name mark or sticker is removed using a boiling water shower before the used PET containers are put into the plastic baling machine. The lids of the jugs, which are made of another plastic substance, are removed either manually or with the help of a neck shaper. The containers are then organized according to kind (plain or coloured (blue or green) PET, with the remainder being blended colors PET) and separated from undesired material.

Pet Bottle Scrap Buyers in India

We are buying all type of contaminated small bottle, and Contaminated packaging material buyer from pharmaceuticals / chemical industries. After buying this material we crushed or grinding in small pieces, after that we washed in our plant for end used of grenual making.

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