GPCB Hazardous waste management Company in Gujarat

Granutech Recycling is one of the best Gpcb Hazardous waste management Company in Gujarat located in Jhagadia near Bharuch

  • Gpcb Hazardous waste management Company in Gujarat

Gpcb authorized waste recycler in Gujarat

One of leading and best Gpcb authorized waste recycler in Gujarat and all over Inida. Our working is smooth and followed under the government guidelines.

Nowadays, developing nations such as India have enormous issues in handling e-waste, which is either created domestically or imported from wealthier countries. E-waste has two basic characteristics: it is harmful owing to the presence of poisonous metals and elements, but it is also profitable due to the presence of valuable metals such as gold, silver, and so on. India is in the early stages of addressing the rising problem of e-waste and is working to establish a regularized e-waste management system through the "e-waste management and handling regulations 2011," which went into effect on May 1st, 2012. There have been arguments and concerns over India's current paradigm, which excludes the existing informal sector, which is a major participant in terms of e-waste

A risky waste is simply defined as a loss that has characteristics that make it dangerous or suitable for adversely harming human well-being or the environment. Batteries, modern manufacturing waste, and other sources all produce hazardous waste, which can take on various forms like Plastic Scrap, fluids, solids, gasses, and slimes.

Decontamination facility approved by gpcb in Gujarat

Gujarat is one particular state which is famous for industries and that is the reason why you will find multiple recycling company in Gujart. Our Decontamination facility approved by gpcb in Gujarat and we make sure that transportation of hazardous waste is done under guidelines set by GPCB

GPS VLTS approved hazardous vehicle

We are strict follower of governement guidelines and we have got GPS VLTS approved hazardous vehicle. Granutech never comprpmises when it comes to follow rules. All our team member are very well trained.

Why is a Hazardous Waste Management Company Important?

Risky waste management is a cycle that makes sure that the collection, handling, and disposal of risky garbage is done in a way that protects both human and environmental health.

Unsafe waste management systems have significant effects on the environment, human health, and security. Perilous waste should be managed skillfully and honestly from a business perspective to reduce those risks and prevent legal and financial repercussions. This necessitates a robust administrative architecture with cycles for testing and allocating hazardous material, recording results, and responding to incidents.

Why Granutech Waste Management Company?

Granutech is a GPCB approved hazardous waste recycler company present in Gujarat, India. With their latest hazardous waste recycle machine plants, they provide a wide range of waste recycling of Barrels, Pet Bottle Scrap Buyers small Bottles, Corrugated drum, IBC Tanks and many more.

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